To help stop coronavirus, everyone should be wearing face masks. The science is clear.


Even people without symptoms can infect others just by speaking but a simple cloth covering can stop us from spreading harmful droplets


Fantai is arranging 10 Millions masks on the way to Europe


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Fantai Group is a fast, sustainable development of multinational corporations. Fantai was established in January 1999. Over the past decade or so in our company by virtue of a good talent team and extraordinary clam and strategic vision, continue to expand the business areas and scale of operation. Since 2006, subsidiaries started in Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Algeria and other countries. Fantai has been successfully expanding its business to overseas markets and lay the foundation for the globalization of enterprises. Fantai is specialized in pile, bridge, concrete, mining, highways, railways, larger ports, real estate, as well water conservancy and hydropower project development and construction. During 2019 its latest subsidiary started in Sweden, with the aim of supply the Nordic countries all necessary materials.